Through The Lens Of David Klein, MD

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While my vocation is orthopaedic surgery, my avocation is photography.

Photography has been a serious pastime since my grandmother helped buy me my first real camera, a Pentax ME Super, when I was about twelve. She had great talent with her work, and showed me that it really was important to put thought and effort into taking pictures. My dad passed down his 1960s-era Nikon F to me when I was a young teenager (when he wanted to convert to an Olympus OM-4). I felt that with such a serious gift, an even more serious application to image creation was necessary. I used that camera until 1998, and still use some of his lenses even today.

Some of my favorite images are simple, graphical images, where shape or color becomes the subject. I also spend a fair amount of time shooting travel scenery, people, architecture, and vehicles. Human faces are often the most difficult, but the most rewarding.

In addition to the still images you see here, you can also see some slideshows at
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I hope that you enjoy the images.